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With the experience and personal relationships offered by Crouch & Company, there is no need to outsource your payroll needs to national payroll processing companies. You can shop locally for the payroll service needs of your business without making any sacrifices.

Crouch & Company, LLC offers the following payroll services:

  1. Prepare paychecks based on your current processing schedule. You pick the period ending date, the pay date, and the frequency
  2. Direct deposit paychecks to avoid the hassle of issuing paper checks (Bank processing fees may apply)
  3. Remittance of all state and federal payroll tax payments
  4. Completion of all federal and state payroll tax reports (monthly, quarterly, and annually)
  5. Consultations regarding payroll compliance, reporting, and new offerings such as retirement plans
  6. Provide journal entries for you, your accountant, or your tax preparer for income tax reporting
  7. Wage attachment reporting and remittance
  8. Retirement / Employee benefit reporting and remittance
  9. Customized reports to meet all of your information needs


If you are not comfortable outsourcing all of your payroll needs, prepare your checks in-house and leave the reporting requirements to us. We are happy to customize the level of service provided based on your particular needs.

With Crouch & Company, there are no hidden fees. Your agreed upon fee will be all inclusive based on your level of service. There are no additional fees for monthly, quarterly, and annual reports. Even your year end W-2's are included! We do not take control of any of your funds so that you continue to earn interest until the last possible moment.

Don't delay. Call (856) 769-1040 and let us prepare a quote for your required payroll services.